Tenant Information

What's here?

Here you will find information on:

- suggestions

- how we deal with Council Tax

- how we deal with utility bills

- phone and internet services

- insurance

- visitors staying

- cleaning of properties



The people who live in the properties get to know a lot about them - so your suggestions are welcome.  If you have an idea about how to make your place a better place, drop us an email and we will happily consider it, and within reason, do what we can to make your stay as enjoyable and hassle free as possible.


Council Tax

The Council Tax is the local municipal tax levied on all residential buildings in Edinburgh.

If you are in a single occupancy property, we are required to tell the Council you have moved in to the property, but you are responsible for registering and paying the Council Tax.

If you are in one of our Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs), we manage and pay the council tax; you pay a flat rate contribution, currently of £35 per person per month; this does not change if there are unoccupied rooms or exempt people in the house.

Exemptions. Under certain cicumstances various classes of people are exempt from paying Council Tax.  If you are in one of our HMOs and are a potentially exempt person, such a a student or a British Council accredited Foreign Language Assistant, we do not charge you the council tax contribution.


Utility Bills

If you are in a single occupancy property, you are responsible for contracting for and paying for your gas and electricity services; we would appreciate knowing who your suppliers are.

If you are in one of our HMOs, we manage and pay the utility bills on your behalf; you are responsible for your per person share of the bills for the property.  We require you to make a monthly budget contribution, the amount of which depends on your property.  When we pay a utility company's bill we will give you a statement showing your share of the bill and how much is covered by your budget payments; if the difference is more than one month's budget payment we may ask you to make up the difference.  At the end of your stay, if the budget payments are greater than the costs of gas and electricity we will pay you the difference; if it is less you will need to pay us the difference. 


Phone and Internet service

If you are in a single occupancy property, you are responsible for contracting and paying for any phone and/or internet service.

If you are in one of our HMOs, we manage and pay for the landline and internet service; the charges are covered in the rent. Please see under "Legal Info" for the agreement on use of the internet.



We insure the buildings and our furniture fixtures and fittings, and our liabilties to third parties. We do not insure your possessions - you need to have your own insurance.


Visitors staying

If you are in a single occupancy property, visitors are your responsibility.  However, if they are staying for more than two weeks we need to know in order to ensure that you have not created a House of Multiple Occupancy for which the property is not licensed.

If you are in one of our HMOs, visitors who sleep in your room are allowed for limited stays (up to a week). Visitors are your responsibility. The principle here is consideration for the other people in the property; tell them your visitors are staying and for how long; check if there will be any other visitors at the same time to ensure the property is not overcrowded; visitors do not sleep in communal areas; the property is your home, but also home to all of the other residents as well! If you want a visitor to become a long term resident, let us know, and if possible we will adjust the lease to allow this; the extra person will be required to pay their share of the utility bills and pay the council tax contribution.


Cleanliness of properties

Properties will be clean when you take them on and we expect them to be returned in a clean and tidy state.

If you are in one of our HMOs, you are all responsible for cleanliness of the common areas, and if you do not keep them clean you will encourage mice and other problems!  We count ourselves as part of your household, so our contribution to the cleaning is that Isaac (or one of his associates) will visit once a month for a couple of hours cleaning in the communal areas -this is a contribution to the cleaning and is not expected to be the only cleaning that is done in the house - it is a communal responsibility!