Who we are

Middlerig Properties owns properties for rent in Edinburgh.  The firm was started by Peter Cannell in 1998 on the basis that serving customers is what drives a successful business; customers are best served by good communication, and fair and honest dealing.

Just so you know that we are known to the authorities our landlord registration number is 01232/230/10510.


The people

Peter continues to manage the business with Jenna as property manager.

Peter was a senior manager in Scottish Power until he reached the end of the road in big corporate land and decided it was time to set up his own business rather than working for others; he is trained as an engineer and is also a musician!

Jenna has managed properties for many years, starting with her own family's properties; she is a bit younger than Peter, and very enthusiastic!


What's the deal?

We aim to make this as simple as possible for you, the customer. Our properties are properly furnished, and the machines and systems work - if they don't, we will get them fixed as soon as possible.

In single occupancy properties, your council tax, utilities, internet and any other services are your responsibility, but we will be happy to help if you are new to this and need assistance.

In houses of multiple occupation, where you rent a room and the use of common facilities, we organise the council tax, utilities, and internet for you.  Cleaning is the responsibilty of the house, but we are part of your house too, so our contribution is a cleaner for two hours per month, to augment your own cleaning.

Oh, and we don't take deposits because the Tenant Deposit Scheme is as big a hassle for tenants as it is for landlords, and we can all do without that hassle!  So we expect that if we deal reasonably with people, you will deal reasonably with us, so there should be no need of a deposit. 

Your part of the deal is to pay the rent on time and to look after the place! Simple!


What's here

On this website you can find information on our properties, including what's available, all our inspection certificates, and licences.  You will also find information of use to existing and prospective tenants on how we deal with bills and council tax, insurance and such like.  And there is always the legal stuff - explanations of the different types of contract, and wonderful bedtime reading provided by the standard lease conditions, the repairing standards and the statutory tenant information pack - enjoy! Finally, if you want to contact us - go to the relevant tab.